AGN Suspends 'Tyson' Actress Chrystabel Goody For Biting Princess Chineke

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In a move reminiscent of the epic Evander Holyfield/Mike Tyson fight of years ago, these two thespians had been involved in a fight on set, which ended with Goody biting a chunk off Chineke’s thigh.(like Tyson, only that he bit off Holyfield's earlobe)

 And while Chineke has seen to Goddy’s arrest and court charges, the Actors Guild has also deemed it fit to suspend her indefinitely.

“The National Presidet of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, Chief Ibinabo Fiberesima has announced the indefinite suspension of Crystabel Goody for biting a fellow actress Princess Chineke on set,” a statement by the body’s P.R.O, Moji Oyetayo read.
“The President condemned the dastardly  act of inflicting such a dangerous bodily injury on her coleague.  She noted that all the Guilds and Associations in Nollywood have been duly notified of the suspension while the National and state task forces have been kept on alert to disengage her from all sets pending when the suspension would be lifted.”

“The Guild has set up a high powered committee headed by the National Chief Whip, Empress Eneh to investigate the immediate and remote  causes of the matter. Meanwhile Crystabel Goody shall remain on suspension until the outcome of the investigation as stipulated by the constitution of the Guild. The President frowned at the act of cannibalism and urged all members to make discipline their watchword because we are the mirror of the society.”

Folks, let us learn to tame our inner Mike Tyson so that we don't go around biting people like cannibals. It can ruin lives.

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