Caroline And Musa Danjuma's Marriage Rumoured To Have Crashed, Pregnant Side Chick Ready To Move In

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Pretty mulatto actress Caroline Danjuma joined the Billionaires Wives Club 10 years ago when she married billionaire Musa Danjuma, but if indications are anything to go by, there is a storm in paradise and the Love Boat may be heading for the rocks.

According to olofofos who confided in SDK, Musa has gotten Maya, a Nigerian based in the UK, pregnant. They say Caroline had long been fighting for her ailing marriage, but it seemed like every time she would shut down a side chick, another one will spring from nowhere.because of Danjuma's excessive love for the opposite sex.

They also added that Caroline and Musa’s marriage has been on the rocks before the birth of their third child – a girl, after their two boys

It is claimed that Caroline and Musa currently live like roommates, and they have started divorce proceedings. According to this same insider, Maya, the alleged usurping pregnant side chick usually brags that she sleeps in their matrimonial bed whenever Caroline is out of town, and she ready is ready to move in

The insider also added,

    ”Caroline is over the shock and has moved on and is concentrating on her kids and her business. She has realised that it is of no use fighting over a man and she is the wiser for it.”

Caroline is now a makeup artist and still acts after she took a long hiatus when was a newlywed and new mum, and sometimes goes by ‘Carolyne/Carolyna Hutchings’ professionally.

We some days back began to suspect that all might not be well with the Danjuma marriage when Caroline posted this on IG, but later deleted it.


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