Okoye brothers Faceoff: Paul Cuts Off Peter from Group Picture, Replaces Him With Studio

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Every new development in the Okoye brothers points at potential collapse of the P-Square brand. Paul was silent at the initial stage but his involvement was a huge one.
He posted a photo on Instagram few hours ago pitching his tent with Jude and pleading that
whatever happens can be sorted behind closed doors and not social media but Peter was chopped off from the picture replacing him with a studio set.
Peter noticed this and reposted the picture with the caption.
@peterpsquare And cutting me off from a picture and replacing me with a studio set says it all my bro. All because you want to sound matured And letting the pple insult and Laff at me. Peter Okoye the social media rant. I wish you well in all you do my bro. God bless our hustle .  #voice4thevoiceless

Are we still going to see more of P-Square?
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