Freeze Blasts Onyeka Onwenu-“Face Your Issue, You Were Not Sacked For Being Igbo!”

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Before we go on, I want to find it interesting that Onyeka Onwenu somehow always seems to have 'vested interests' in almost every dispensation in the country. I vividly recall she was a very vocal participant in the infamous 'Abacha One Million Man March' of 97/98. This infamous One Million March was a campaign that supported Abacha's drive for self-succession into civilian rulership.

Anywhere there is pie, there's Onyeka. My opinion, though


Cool FM On-Air Personality, OAP, Freeze has advised Onyeka Onwenu to stop inciting inter-ethnic disaffection with her recent claims.

Onwenu, renowned singer and actress, had in a statement released yesterday in reaction to her sack from a federal appointment, insinuated that it was as a result of her tribal background.

Onwenu had said, “I was abused, targeted and maltreated for being an Igbo woman."

Freeze reacted to this on his Instagram page @daddyfreeze by requesting the musician-cum-politician to stop creating unnecessary tension in an already volatile situation, as such utterance will not help matters.

Freeze said, “Dear Madam, those statements like “Buhari sacked me because I am Igbo” would only serve to fuel more hatred and animosity.

“You were not sacked because you are Igbo, stop creating unnecessary tension in an already volatile situation you are not helping matters.

“If Nigeria goes to war, poor, innocent and helpless people would suffer. Syria has a population of 25 million people, far less than LAGOS state alone yet the world can’t handle its refuge crisis. I shudder to imagine our own.

“Sit at home and face your issue without dragging an innocent nation into your personal battle.

“How long did you really expect to eat under 2 different regimes and what really did you have to offer? – just a thought.

“Sorry about the typos guys I’m really not happy about this,” the radio personality averred

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