His Hilarious Encounter With A Fake BVN Agent

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So this fellow received the text message below from phone number 07037198374.

Dear Customer,Due to the BVN validation in compliance with CBN bank directives, your ATM card has been De_activated call our help line on 08135612171 now.

He promptly called the guy and below is the hilarious, albeit abridged version of their conversation.

Guy: Hello sir, you just sent me a text message.

BVN Man: oh my God, you just received our message and you called! So you're affected by the BVN problem?

Guy: you said my ATM is deactivated?

BVN Man: which bank are you using?

Guy: Which of my ATM is deactivated?

BVN Man: Which bank are you using?

Guy: You deactivated my ATM so you know which one you deactivated.

BVN Man: OK, you are using First Bank?

Guy: No sir, I don't use them.

BVN Man: Oh my God it is Access bank.

Guy: Sorry Sir, I don't use Access.

BVN Man. What of GTB

Guy: No sir, I actually use Unity bank. You know it was formally Bank of the North.

BVN Man. Ohhhhh. Unity has been having problems. What's your account number?

Guy: I don't know, can't remember off hand. I have about 5 bank accounts.

BVN Man: Take out your ATM let me check my system for you.

Guy: Which bank are you working with?


Guy: Sir, I don't have account with the CBN.

BVN Man: We are the head of all banks in Nigeria. We control banks from our office.

Guy: What's your name sir.

BVN Man: Ahhhhh mmmmm John. Which ATM do you have with you now?

Guy. The one your father gave me.

BVN Man: My father?

Guy: Yes, your lazy father that gave birth to a petty thief. Go and look for work.

The line went dead. But I was not done yet. So I called him back.

BVN Man: Hello.

Guy: I am not done with you yet. don't hang your phone on Guy. I will surely castrate you. You can't speak good English and you're working with the CBN.

BVN Man: Your father!!!!

The phone went off again, and this time was switched off too. Lol

Kindly warn your friends not to disclose their banking details to anybody on the phone. It could save a life.

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