Mum Gets Slammed On Twitter For This Preposterous Reason

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This agbaya mother of six claims people often mistake her for her daughter.

A mum who went on television to show how much she looked like her daughter has been slammed online for KIDDING herself.

Donna Galt and teen daughter Mya went viral when Galt claimed that people got them mixed up for one another.

With their bleached blonde hair and matching outfits , the pair were certainly similar.

But when 33-year-old Donna - a mum of six - told This Morning that she's often mistaken for her 14-year-old daughter's sister, people were unsure.

 "[We don't dress alike] all the time because I am a working mum... but if we go to a concert or anything like that, we do," she said.

 This is what people on Twitter think

Do you agree with them?

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