Family Government! Read How Liberian President Appoints Son As Central Bank Governor

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Liberian female President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has appointed his son Charles Sirleaf as the interim governor of the country's central bank.

AFP reports that, Charles had previously been suspended for failing by the apex bank for failing to properly declare his assets, confirmed his appointment yesterday, February 18.

Before his latest role, he was the deputy governor of the bank. His mother has ordered his suspension in 2012 for breaching declaration rules.

It was not however confirmed how long he will remain on the seat or when a permanent replacement would be named.

His appointment has ignited chants of nepotism against Sirleaf following the short-lived appointment of another son, Robert Sirleaf, to the National Oil Company of Liberia.
Robert Sirleaf was forced to resign in 2013 after attracting heavy criticism, and went on unsuccessfully contest a Senate seat in 2014.

Mill Jones, who is the outgoing governor of the bank resigned his post two weeks ago so he could contest for the presidential elections due for 2017.
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